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Syria’s war: Suicide bombing rocks government-held Hama


A suicide bomber has detonated an explosive vest in the Syrian government-held city of Hama wounding several people, state television said.

State TV said on Monday that an attacker targeted a square in Hama city’s al-Hader district. In a separate report it said the attack involved what it described as two “terrorist” explosions, and that there were initial reports of both dead and wounded.


Hama province is of strategic importance to President Bashar al-Assad, as it separates opposition forces in rebel-controlled Idlib from Damascus to the south and the government-controlled coast to the west.

In 2013, a major push by rebel groups to capture Hama was repelled by government forces after reinforcements were sent to the area.

Major demonstrations erupted in Hama in 2011 as the war broke out, but they were quickly suppressed.

Assad’s father and predecessor Hafez al-Assad brutally put down a Muslim Brotherhood uprising in Hama city in 1982, killing thousands of people.

Source: Al Jazeera News And Agencies


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